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IAEA investigators: Audit reveals US, not Iran the problem

IAEA investigators: Audit reveals US, not Iran the problem
While attention was focused on Iran as a bogus nuclear weapons threat, US shadow government nuclear theft and proliferation, and nuclear terror bombing was hidden from us. Why? And by whose order?

IAEA investigators: Audit reveals US, not Iran the problem
… by Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor … with Press TV, Tehran

I keep using this image because it is symbolic of all of us being thrown off the roof that day.

[ Editors Note: Veterans Today has been releasing the proof that the 9-11 event was not only the hoax of the century, but hiding what really happened from the public has put the US and the rest of the world in more danger than the threat all the real terrorist groups put together a 100 fold.

The death and destruction the was triggered with the insider-outsider attack on that day continues to be an ongoing breach of national security because some extremely dangerous people were left fully operational. We have heard whispers of nuclear black mail having something to do with it.

But we don’t need to focus on what ifs when we have the two most important sources we could possibly have, the IAEA highly trained inspectors, and the boutique nuke weapons designers themselves, both motivated to force something being done to arrest the real perpetrators and hunting the remaining weapons down. Nuclear blackmail is a game that two, or ever three can play.

The US and the West have killed 170,000 Syrians so far when they presented no military threat whatsoever. Gaza added 12,000 casualties recently, and the Ukrainians were way above that because their released figures are a bad joke.

NATO wants to take on Russia, a mistake, and yet Moscow has also been victim to these mini nuke bombings. Gosh, who looks like they might be in the terrorism business? Do body counts not matter any more?

Is NATO or any country’s security organs making a public effort to protect us from these nuclear terrorists? There are only a few options. One, they are among the perpetrators themselves. Two, they know who they are but have done nothing because they would fear a revolution if their people learned they have stood down. And lastly, they know who it is but have been compromised somehow.

Gordon has been fighting since 1969. It’s time to give him some help.

Despite our long series of Gordon’s articles already published, the phone has not rung once from any mass media, or the White house.

No political person has wanted to learn more, no think tank, academic institution, major vet org, religious group or ex-president. No institution has shown any interest other than the weapons designers and the IAEA people.

That convinces me that nothing will be done until the public forces “them” to. So its time to pony up to the table folks and carry the fight to the front doors where the chicken hawks are hiding. We appreciate the Facebook postings and you all sending these articles out to your email lists.

But I have to ask you do do more, you have to engage these people locally where you are…face to face. Those who have been dropping this material on us are going to stop when they see the public has quit. They have done this so the public would have one last shot, and it they blow it…there won’t be any more. They will retire from the field… Jim W. Dean ]

– First published … August 27, 2014 –

Plutonium Pit Bisector – Livermore Laboratory

Over a period of 20 years, hundreds of weapons-grade nuclear “pits” were stolen from the US by high ranking government officials and handed out “like candy bars” as bribes, for making terror weapons and generating billions in revenue used to rig American elections.

Weapons from these demolished the World Trade Center on 9/11, according to the classified Department of Energy report and make up Israel’s entire nuclear arsenal.

Now, facts gleaned during an ongoing highly classified audit of these crimes threatening the entire globe are being leaked to the public. All information within this article is fully confirmed by multiple sources including IAEA investigators, members of the US Department of Energy/IAEA audit team and sources within US military intelligence.

Investigators for the International Atomic Energy Agency, tasked with, among other things, guaranteeing that Iran’s nuclear program is peaceful, initially came forward with a startling story about the illegal diversion of weapons grade nuclear material by the United State

The IAEA, a UN agency that investigates issues of nuclear proliferation around the world, despite newspaper reports to the contrary, has found egregious threats far greater than anything the public is told Iran may or may not pose. In an interview with an IAEA investigator and nuclear physicist, a timeline that ties Israel and the US, not only to 9/11 as an “inside job” but other global threats as well, is established.



We all owe Vanunu a huge debt of gratitude.

Israeli nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu, kidnapped and imprisoned in Israel for decades, had told the world about Israel’s supposedly secret nuclear program.

Now, for the first time, we have access to information covering the time period after Vanunu fled Israel, information tying Israel to nuclear weapons theft, to nuclear proliferation and to nuclear terrorism.

Vanunu, while working at Israel’s nuclear weapons production facility, got “laid off” due to the shutdown of Dimona in the 1986/88 time period. No PU (plutonium) to process, no work. The Dimona reactor had stopped producing nuclear material above 20% grade as the result of an accident tied to overuse and poor design of cooling and other systems. Dimona was and is a “death trap.”

IAEA sources tell us that Israel’s nuclear arsenal at the time, because of low quality “unmatchable” pits, low production levels and an aging inventory, was a few years from non-existence. Normal deterioration would, by 9/11/2001 leave Israel “nuclear weapons free” unless something could be done to correct that problem.


The Davy Crockett tactical nuke

The W-54 warhead has a large, high quality oblong plutonium pit. 400 of these weapons were made for use in nuclear artillery and other weapons, with design variations allowing vastly different output from the same basic design.

At the end of the Cold War, these weapons were, as a result of a combination of obsolescence and treaty, retired from service. Our IAEA sources report:

“The W-54’s were placed in military cold storage after 1986 and they were retired in 1993 by Bush 41. They were then written off the books during the Clinton era 1994-2000 and allegedly disposed of by converting them into MOX (multiple oxide as used in Fukushima) fuel at the Savanna River complex. The Savanna River recycling plant had, for decades, and still has serious security and safety concerns.

‘Someone’ or ‘some people’ at a very high level simply did a paper work switch and shipped the non-destroyed pits out the back door. The thefts started under Clinton and ended under Bush 2. Cheney controlling it under Bush 1 and 2 and Bill Richardson (a “rabid Zionist”) at DOE under Clinton.

In order to pull off the largest theft of WMDs in world history, they had to put their people in place first. Wayne Madsen’s article and the murder of former CIA agent Roland Carnaby by Houston Police working with the Mossad put too much heat on “them”, so they had to lay low.

Our source at the IAEA states that he believes “Barky” (President Barak Obama’s nickname) allegedly stepped in after sacking Rahm Emanuel for obvious security breaches as documented by counter intel.

According to our source, Rahm Emanuel, no surprise to anyone, was acting as an Israeli operative and using his position in the White House to cover up discrepancies in America’s nuclear inventory and to derail any audit and/or subsequent investigation.

This was made easy for Rahm Emanuel because the problem is that the DOE (Department of Energy) is civilian-run, while the DoD is military-run. The compartmentalization of the two services for security reasons simply helps in allowing the material to disappear that much easier, and in the process, for the theft of nuclear weapons from the US to be surprisingly simple.


“IS THAT A NUKE IN YOUR POCKET…or are you happy to see me?”

According to sources at both the US Department of Energy and IAEA, there is no accurate count or any record of where American weapons-grade nuclear materials is. From the IAEA:

“There is no independent cross auditing of the two services. The military can simply write off warheads without explanation to any other agency and once they are written off by the military and transferred to DOE, they don’t have to account for them to the military.

There is no independent nuclear accounting agency for this stuff that reports directly to congress. They don’t audit these things like banks do. They just review the paper work and rubber stamp its approval. The paperwork is nowhere near reality. So it’s very easy to illegally transfer these to third parties, so long as they are dismantled pits only.”


Israel’s virtual stranglehold on the Pentagon during the Bush 2 administration had serious consequences on US nuclear policy.

At a time when American nuclear scientists and defense strategists were moving toward mini and micro nukes, inexpensive and simple to produce using decommissioned nuclear weapons, Israeli operatives who virtually “ran” the Pentagon under Bush 2, pushed through orders to “discard” much of America’s plutonium inventory, only to “redirect” it leaving virtually no trail, other than tracking done by John O’Neill, Roland Carnaby and John Wheeler III, all of whom met mysterious violent deaths. From the IAEA:

“The stupid generals did not know that they were perfectly good for making mini and micro nukes. The knowledge of how to make a mini nuke was so compartmentalized that no one in power new.

The statements made by Condoleezza Rice after 911 about how small a nuke could be was the result. Most of that testimony to congress is still classified.”


When America finally awakened, up to a third of its nuclear arsenal was unaccounted for with 350 W54 “nuclear pits” simply missing, presumed stolen.

In an interview with a member of the audit team tasked with locating the missing nukes, including those used on 9/11, a team member told us:

“My work on the ‘counter intel project’ (independent outside audit) was limited to pit counting and matching only. (metallurgy) I was not allowed to know anything else officially. That I got thru third parties whom I was working with, who got the full audit report, and what they did with it, I was never told.

All I know is that I was interviewed, questioned and had to sign a sworn legal statement on my work for ‘G-2’ and I was advised of my security agreements on non-disclosure of classified information. That is all that I am legally allowed to tell you.”

Our source went on to provide context material, telling us why these missing nuclear pits were so dangerous and the potential consequences of pervasive high-level corruption within America government.

“There were over 1 to 2 thousand pits manufactured using the original W54 pit molds and implosion design. They made more of this design than any other nuclear weapon implosion system. The simplicity of the implosion system made it very cheap and easy to copy. All you need is the pit. Even after reprocessing, it would still work at lower yields. No fancy electronics or exotic and hard-to-copy shape charges needed. It is the simplest nuclear warhead design to make.

Anyone with a really good automotive machine shop can copy the casing and implosion system. RDX or plastic explosive can be used for the compression charges. The compression pistons are made of tungsten alloy. The pit geometry and size is the only part that is classified. Under Rumsfeld, Richardson, ETC, and company, they were written off the books and passed out to our ‘friends’ (including enough to make up the entire Israeli nuclear arsenal) like candy bars for good behavior and UN votes.”



From a White House and Pentagon aide on the staff of Paul Wolfowitz:

“Once the Israelis got the nuclear pits, they double crossed us. No one ever thought that they would be so ruthless to do what they did in using them to destroy the World Trade Center on 9/11. The problem is the chemical finger print of leftover PU-239 fallout proves that it was made in the USA at Hanford. You can’t hide this. A simple chemical mass spectrometry test will reveal it. That’s the problem. Half of Washington has known for a decade that 9/11 was an ‘inside job’ done with stolen American weapons”


In 2003, the original Department of Energy 9/11 report was released to the White House, select members of the Department of Defense, senior Pentagon staffers and select Federal Judges. These judges were tasked with “killing” any civil or criminal cases filed related to 9/11.

More than two dozen senior members of Congress were briefed also. For over a decade this cabal, most of whom are still in military, government or judicial posts of some kind, continue to facilitate this betrayal.